• Statice Flower Suppliers

    Choose Muhuga.com as your statice flower suppliers in Kenya and experience the timeless beauty and versatility of these blooms. Request a quote today, and let us be your partner in bringing the enchanting world of statice flowers to your doorstep.

  • Moon Walk Rose

    Import Moon Walk Roses from Kenya with Muhuga.com. With a head size of 5+ cm and lengths 40-70cm

  • Downtown Flower

    Elevate your floral experience! Import vibrant Downtown Flowers from Kenya with head size 5+ cm, lengths 40-70cm, and captivating Bi-Orange hues. Muhuga.com ensures seamless delivery for an exquisite touch to your events and spaces.

  • Import Crysythumums from Kenya

    Chrysanthemums are beautiful and popular flowers that are widely used in the floral industry for their versatility, longevity, and wide range of colors and shapes. If you are looking to import Chrysanthemum flowers into Kenya, there are several things you need to know. One of the most important steps is finding the right flower farmers and suppliers who can provide you with high-quality flowers that meet your specifications.

    Muhuga.com is an online platform that can help you find and connect with flower farmers and suppliers in Kenya.

    $ 60.00$ 70.00

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