Pixie Orange farming in Kenya


Are you tired of the usual orange farming techniques and want to try something unique? Pixie orange farming in Kenya is an excellent option for you!

Pixie oranges are small, easy-to-peel, and seedless. They have an intense and sweet flavour that is unique to the variety. The Pixie orange farming in Kenya is relatively new but has great potential. The country’s climatic conditions are well-suited to grow these oranges, which makes it an excellent opportunity for farmers looking for alternative crops.

If you’re interested in Pixie Orange farming in Kenya and need guidance, Muhuga is your go-to consultant. Muhuga provides affordable and top-notch consultancy services to farmers interested in Pixie Orange farming. With years of experience in this field and numerous successful projects, Muhuga is a trusted authority in Pixie Orange farming in Kenya.

Benefits of Pixie Orange farming in Kenya

Pixie Orange farming in Kenya has several benefits that make it a favorable investment. For starters, the venture boasts of high profitability and good returns on investment. The demand for Pixie Oranges in the export market has been steadily increasing, making it a lucrative business opportunity. Additionally, Pixie Oranges are resilient to diseases and pests, reducing the risk of loss and ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality produce.

In light of these benefits, it is no surprise that more and more individuals are venturing into Pixie Orange farming. However, to maximize the returns on this investment, it is vital to seek expert advice. This is where Muhuga comes in – providing professional consultancy services to ensure the success of your Pixie Orange farm. From farm establishment and management to marketing and distribution, they offer tailored services that guarantee growth and profitability.

With Muhuga’s guidance, several Pixie Orange farmers in Kenya have achieved great success and recorded impressive profits. Clients have also given glowing testimonials, praising the company for their expertise and unparalleled support.

If you are looking to venture into Pixie Orange farming in Kenya, Muhuga is undoubtedly the go-to consultant. Their proven track record and vast knowledge of the agricultural industry will undoubtedly set you on the path to success.

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Expert Consultancy Services by Muhuga

When it comes to Pixie orange farming, Muhuga offers a range of expert consultancy services tailored to your needs. From farm establishment and management to marketing and distribution, capacity building, and training, Muhuga has got you covered. With their tailored consultancy services, they take into account your specific needs and work towards your success.

Their farm establishment and management services include assistance in choosing the right location, preparing the land, and selecting the best trees and plants to grow Pixie oranges. They also provide guidance on crop management, irrigation, and pest control.

Marketing and distribution services help you to identify potential markets, including the export market, and increase your sales. They use a targeted approach to reach buyers, including retailers, wholesalers, and direct consumers.

Capacity-building and training services provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the Pixie orange farming business. They offer training on topics such as crop care, harvesting practices, food safety, and business management.

Muhuga’s tailored consultancy services are designed to meet your unique needs. By working closely with you, they can help you to overcome challenges and maximize profits. Whether you are just starting out or seeking to improve your current operations, Muhuga can provide the guidance you need to succeed.

Success stories and testimonials

Success in Pixie Orange farming in Kenya is not just theoretical; there are numerous success stories from farmers who have reaped the benefits of this lucrative venture. It is possible to grow Pixie Oranges successfully in Kenya, and Muhuga has been instrumental in making this a reality for numerous farmers. Through expert consultancy services in farm establishment, management, marketing, and distribution, Muhuga has empowered farmers to tap into the export market potential of Pixie Oranges. Satisfied clients of Muhuga have testified to the value of their services, attesting to the increased profitability and resilience of their Pixie Orange farms. With Muhuga’s tailored consultancy services, it is possible to turn your Pixie Orange farm into a success story too.


Pixie Orange farming presents a unique opportunity for investors, and with the right consultancy services, success is guaranteed. That’s where Muhuga comes in. As an expert in Pixie Orange farming, Muhuga offers tailor-made solutions for farm establishment, management, marketing, and distribution. The success stories of satisfied clients are a testament to his expertise.

In conclusion, Pixie Orange farming in Kenya is a lucrative venture, and with Muhuga’s involvement, the potential for profit increases exponentially. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in a resilient crop that guarantees high returns. Contact Muhuga today and take the first step towards a successful Pixie Orange farming venture.


What is the initial capital requirement for starting Pixie Orange farming?

This depends on the size of land and number of trees you plan to cultivate. However, Muhuga can offer personalised consultancy services to help you budget appropriately.

What are the risks associated with Pixie Orange farming?

Like any other agricultural venture, weather, pests, and diseases pose a risk. However, Pixie Oranges are resilient to most diseases and pests.

What is the export market potential for Pixie Oranges?

The market is lucrative, with high demand in the European Union and the Middle East. Partner with Muhuga, and we’ll help you tap into this potential and maximise profits.

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